Why Startups?

The business world is volatile, challenging, and relentlessly demanding. Internships are a great way to prepare ourselves for the hardships of business. But often, internships become reduced to simple desk research, making presentations, or even just fetching coffee. You become just another cog in an already well-oiled machine. You end right where you started. You are capable of more.

This is where the value of internships in start-ups is rooted. Start-ups drive innovation and new thinking into todays’ businesses. However, to be different is difficult, creating more challenges than the average established business. The internship is challenging, dynamic, but above all, rewarding. With an internship in a start-up, you are guaranteed the following:

A realistic insight into the complexities of modern business

• More opportunities for innovation and leadership

• Challenging and highly impactful responsibilities

• Unique experiences and lessons on how to grow and keep a business alive.

In short, an internship in a start-up is the best introduction to the complex beauty of business. So, do not settle in just being a cog, as with a start-up, you will learn how to create and run your own machine.