Portl is an online recruitment platform founded in 2016 that matches entrepreneurial and talented university students with an internship in their perfect startup. We bleed entrepreneurship and want to do our part in helping startups grow and continuously foster innovations that reshape our economy and society. 

Internships in startups are unparalleled in their value. By doing impactful work in a dynamic environment that demands disruptive innovation, internships in startups provide the best introduction to the complexities of modern business. Additionally, the Netherlands is host to a vast network of talented, culturally-diverse university students, more than ready to drive the companies of today forward. The Netherlands is host to immense talent that can propel its startups forward, yet, they rarely meet.

We decided to change that.

Portl is the bridge between the talented university students and fast-growing, innovative startups of the Netherlands. Through our match-making process and large network of startups and students, we find the perfect internship opportunities for both university students and startups in the Netherlands.

With a startup and student network continuously growing , Portl is more than ready to create perfect student and startup relationships all over the Netherlands.

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