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Let’s arrange a (virtual) coffee meeting in which we can discuss all the important matters and move forward with finding the best talent for your startup needs. Just send a quick email to so letting us know what else you wish to know and we will take care of it! Already made your mind up? Click here and sign up right now!


How it works

To find the candidate(s) that suit you and your startup best, you first have to register on Portl free of charge. Following your registration, you are able to announce your startup’s open internship positions. Given the data collected from registered students, contacts are arranged through us between you and suitable candidates.


When, and only when a successful match is made you will receive an Evaluation Form, through which you will be able to financially support our platform by paying what you want.

Pay What You Want

Since September 2020, Portl has officially integrated the Pay What You Want (PWYW) model into the organization’s pricing strategy, but what is PWYW?


In essence, your startup is allowed to choose to pay the desired amount that fits your startup’s budget for the service (a successful match) or to pay nothing if the service was unsatisfactory.

We do, however, encourage startups to financially sponsor the activities of the platform to foster the recruitment process and increase the overall popularity of internships in the Dutch startup ecosystem. You will have the opportunity to sponsor the platform through our Evaluation Form which will be sent after a successful hire.


Connecting Startups to Talents

With over 60 thousand top-talent students in Rotterdam alone, the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship’s very own recruitment platform brings together startups in search of young talent, and students who are eager to gain work experience in an entrepreneurial setting.


Focusing solely on startups and entrepreneurial-corporate positions, and while using precise data analysis, Portl’s matches your venture’s open position with the most suited candidates signed up with us.