Why choose Portl?

At Portl, we care deeply about connecting students with the world of startups. Are you a startup looking for fresh talent? We know how hard it can be to find amazing interns. If you share your vacancy by clicking on the button below, we will advertize it to our community of intelligent, ambitious and effective (international) students. Entirely free of charge, no fine print.

Before Sharing your Vacancy…

We have made some recent changes within the platform so it would be even easier for you to share your vacancies with prospective students and make the recruitment process more efficient.

One key change to keep in mind: we are here to share your available positions, instead of selecting and matching the best candidates. From now on we allow linking your company’s vacancy page so as to eliminate any intermediate steps that slack the matching process. 

How it works

Simply click the button below, fill in all the required information about your company and add the link to your company’s vacancy page. If an interested student clicks on the link, he or she will be guided to your company’s website, where he or she can apply to the position.

Don’t have a vacancies page on your website? Contact us and we will get back to you with personalized suggestions on how to share the information about the available positions at your company.

From now on it is as simple as linking your website where the students can find the available positions at your startup. NO FEE will be entailed in any part of the process.

Share your Vacancies

Connecting Startups to Talents

With over 60 thousand top-talent students in Rotterdam alone, the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship’s very own recruitment platform brings together startups in search of young talent, and students who are eager to gain work experience in an entrepreneurial setting.

Focusing solely on startups and entrepreneurial-corporate positions, Portl is able to find the best matching candidates for the positions your company offers. Already have vacancies to fill? Make sure to share them by clicking the button below!