CV is sadly not always enough… But that shouldn’t worry you! Drafting an appealing cover letter has never been easier, just follow the tips on this page and have it done in no time.

TIP #1

Personalization is Key

Write a new letter for every new application. Never send a standard letter. Customize your letter for each new application you do. Standard is unimpressive.

TIP #2

Compliment your CV

The cover letter is supposed to complement your CV by answering all questions your CV cannot answer by itself. Don’t just rewrite what you already put on your CV, this just makes the cover letter obsolete. Make sure it adds value to your overall application and provokes interest from the reader.

TIP #3

Easy on the Eye

The content has to intrigue the reader, but it also has to look professional. Use clear and professional formatting: divide the text into paragraphs, use a common font and font size (11pt or 12pt), and appropriate line spacing.

TIP #4

What Value will you Add?

Clearly explain what value you would bring to the company since the company needs a compelling reason to hire you. What’s in it for the company if they take you onboard? Keep in mind that you are not the only applicant – what could you bring to the table that another applicant could not?


Have a Checklist

Have a checklist at hand every time before sending out your CV, to make sure you didn’t forget anything. Don’t have time to create one? Don’t worry, we got you covered, simply click the button on the left and get a personalized CV checklist for FREE!