“What has been the most fulfilling experience in your internship so far?”
When you work in a small company, a lot of things happen on a daily basis and even as an intern, you get the opportunity to do various things and to develop essential skills. Personally, I have been working with the Product Marketing and Sales teams on many different projects. However, the most fulfilling experience so far has been to work from beginning to end on several Requests for Proposal (RFPs).
During this process, we are competing against numerous other firms and we have to differentiate ourselves and show why we offer the best service. This is an extremely long, stressful, and intense process but the outcome of winning that contract can be so impactful for the company that I feel extremely flattered and proud to be trusted with it.

Louis Savelli
Third year IBA Bachelors Student, Rotterdam School of Management
Sociabble, Paris